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Buffalorun is a great example of an online gaming review site, offering a wide selection of free Buffalo-themed slot machines, detailed game reviews and access to over 50 online slots from reputable providers. Based in Australia, it has managed to build a reputable brand, offers recommendations of the best online casinos and free slots demos for gamers. It also provides in-depth coverage of online casino reviews with access to free demos and instant games, all responsibly. It also features the latest online pokies, constantly updated with detailed descriptions of all the games, so that each game can be placed in demo.


This document sets out the Terms and Conditions that bind the relationship of a user with our platform, Buffalorun. These are the terms of engagement and the guidelines that the services are based on to make the interaction clear, within regulation boundaries, and for each party to know what is expected and forthcoming reliably and fairly. By using Buffalorun, you are implying a contract by which we offer you certain experiences within a framework that maintains the interests of all the parties involved, among the many legal considerations detailed herein.

  1. Legal foundation of agreement: The Terms & Conditions will provide the legal foundation for the use of Buffalorun and define the agreement between each user and the company. This framework is necessary to understand the services rendered by us in a manner that the boundaries of user experiences take place in a manner that respects personal and legal standards.
  2. Rights and duties: This section defines what rights of the users exist and what duties they are expected to follow within Buffalorun. It defines the permitted means of interaction with our content and highlights the significance of lawfully and ethically upright behavior. The users are encouraged to consume content but only for personal use and in legal ways. Reproduction of the content and any commercial application of it is prohibited.
  3. Access condition: Access and continued use of our services require full acceptance of and compliance with these Terms & Conditions. Full respect and adherence are thereby required to serve as a solid foundation for creating a harmonious community. Customers should not be under the age of 18 and are the ones who are responsible for third-party website or service interactions. Users also may at any time easily refuse to use our services.
  4. Privacy and cookies: Compliance extended in detail to our Privacy Policy, showcasing our commitment to how data is handled in protecting digital privacy and security. Users have the option to agree to the usage of cookies or reject them; their refusal, however, may imply certain limitations of particular services. These amount to an overarching frame, depicting our responsibility in service provision and on behalf of the best protection of the interest and digital health of our users.


Before utilizing our website, it’s important to carefully review our Terms & Conditions. These terms serve as a legally binding agreement that governs your use of our services:

  • By visiting and using the site, you agree to the terms. If you do not agree with any part of these terms, please do not visit or use our website.
  • The user agrees that he/she is 18 years old or above. Our services shall not be availed by persons under 18 years of age.
  • These terms and conditions apply to all of our services for visitors and users.
  • Your assent is also given in agreement to and compliance with our Privacy Policy to access and use the service. This policy describes our use and communication of your personal information about the use of the service. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy thoroughly before using our services.

Liability According To Current Legislation

At Buffalorun, much emphasis is put on following the legislation in countries the user is in, mostly concentrating on Australia, the US, Canada, Great Britain, and New Zealand. Some of the key points to have in mind are:

  1. Legal compliance dedication: We are dedicated to bringing in not only the needs but also beyond them to become the spirit of the legal standards, especially emphasizing consumer protection, digital communications, and information services provisions in these aspects.
  2. Legal variations: We appreciate the diversity and variance in legal frameworks. Our users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the laws in their localities; this introduces openness and bolsters mutual understanding in our cooperation.
  3. Consumer trust: The need to protect the trust through compliance with necessary legal changes and making respective shifts in our operation is what we at all times keep in consideration. Such dedication to requirements of legality and ethics, making the right for the user, underlines all we do.
  4. Adapting to international laws: We take up international law challenges with a holistic approach, aligning our operations to global standards and respecting the differences that might be in the local law to ensure smooth worldwide operation.
  5. Operational challenges: We comprehend the challenges as well as the risks of the operation of a global platform. Our liability philosophy is designed to protect our users while guaranteeing the sustainability of our service within these challenges.

We comply with all legal requirements as outlined by law, and according to our terms of agreement, we cannot be held liable for any resulting damage. We will delve deeper into specific legislation affecting our main user areas. This section will detail how our operations adhere to the law, thus ensuring responsible and ethical behavior within legal parameters.

Country Legislative Act Key Points in Terms of Information Services
Australia Australian Consumer Law and Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Services comply fully with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) as contained in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 which gives the user explicit guarantees and protection in law with respect of the delivery of information services.
Canada Consumer Protection Act, 2002 This is in line with the Consumer Protection Act 2002, which protects consumers within transactions that include agreements on information services.
Great Britain Consumer Rights Act 2015 Our offering is in line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which protects consumers’ rights and introduces statutory remedies for consumers
New Zealand Fair Trading Act, Consumer Guarantees Act, and Privacy Act 2020 Our commitment to these principles of fair trading, consumer guarantees, and privacy is underpinned by the Fair Trading Act 1986, Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, and Privacy Act 2020.
The USA Federal Trade Commission Act and Electronic Communications Privacy Act  We comply with the Federal Trade Commission Act, which protects consumers from dishonest and misleading acts, and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that states providers of electronic communication services to the public shall not knowingly divulge the contents of a communication while it is in electronic storage.

Service and User Responsibilities

Our website is the one-stop center for all gamers who require insights into the best games they can acquire online. We can provide information to a deep level regarding online slots, major game providers, and casinos. A visitor can get to search for or learn about their favorite online games or casinos at Buffalorun.org.

Services that are delivered by Buffaloruninclude:

  • Elaborate online slot reviews: We give elaborate reviews for the free online slot games and the real money ones, taking a closer look at the gameplay, the winning probability, bonuses, whether the free money game is availed, or you have to gamble for the real money. Our reviews aim to equip users with comprehensive insights, helping them decide which games are worth their time.
  • Game provider evaluations: Besides the games themselves, we evaluate and make certain considerations about the game provider itself, to distinguish trusted ones from those that have to be approached with extreme caution. All the providers we review are duly certified by authorities like Curacao and the UK Gambling Commission.
  • Casino reviews: Buffalorun places several reviews for the casino, specifying the best casino, distinctive attributes, and important policies players ought to adhere to. It also identifies the best online casino, the games offered, and how payment is processed.
  • Demo versions of slots: Demo versions are available on the website for all our users, so everyone can get familiar with the games properly and securely. It is possible to download the demo version as well as to use it without downloading.
  • Instant play anytime: Our platform helps users play these pokies online without needing to download the app, sign up, or even install the software.
  • No registration required: Our site provides information and games to play without the necessity to register. Users are free to play for real money and act upon the basis of our reviews without being obliged to sign up.
  • Responsible gaming promotion: We are committed to offering responsible gaming education to our users by offering them tips and urging them to establish safe gaming practices, thereby allowing healthy gaming.

Allowed activities for users:

  • Access and exploration: This gives a user access to over ten thousand of games and online video slots available in the platform for personal use at no cost. Our site is specific, one can choose games by region, type, or provider the way that things have never been before.
  • Research and information gathering: We encourage users to enjoy our abundant source of information in doing some research when it comes to the latest online games and the best online pokies. We intend to help the player to be guided in his choice of online gaming.
  • Free demos: The website has an invitation to demo the games for free. These demos are set up to enable the player to learn about game mechanics and are exemplary of what they can obtain from playing the game.
  • Feedback and suggestions: We will be glad to take all the feedback of our users related to our site and its improvements. Particularly, we appreciate the feedback on our game reviews, provider analysis, and casino valuations, as this will help us improve our offers.
  • Adherence to terms & conditions: By users continuing to avail of our services, they have agreed to conform and be legally bound by our Terms & Conditions. Such adherence to these terms is a reflection of respect and proper use of our resources.

Activities that are not permitted:

  • Illegal use: The content of the website is intended to serve genuine information to game lovers. Misuse of content for any kind of fraud or illegal activities is prohibited.
  • Content copying: No part or item from our content should be copied or reproduced for usage on other websites in full or in parts. The content is developed to inform or educate the gamer and the public on online gaming.
  • Commercial exploitation: The Website Content is meant for personal use only. It is therefore strictly prohibited to use our content for any kind of commercial activities in any form, without prior written permission.
  • Intellectual property infringement: The whole content available on our website, together with all its interpretations, including but not limited to logs and graphics, is the exclusive property of Buffalorun and is protected by intellectual property laws. Prohibitions under any conditions include reproducing, plagiarizing, copying, and commercializing any of our content or such products. In case you are using our services, then you are aware of the fact that Buffalorun has the entire right, title, and interest in the content and materials on the site.
  • Ignoring legal standards: You are supposed to use the website in a manner consistent with all relevant laws and regulations. Plagiarism and unauthorized use of other people’s intellectual property are not tolerated.

Links to Other Websites

These can include some online pokies among many other games on our Buffalorun website. Also, through the use of links, we connect with many affiliate websites, game providers, and other third-party services on our site. You could come across some references to third-party websites. Please review any third-party Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies before using any third-party site. Buffalorun neither controls nor has any responsibility for the policies, practices, or contents of third-party sites, and for any losses or damages caused to users from those sites:

  1. Disclaimer external site: We have no control over the nature, content, and availability of those sites. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorsement of the views expressed within them. We recommend thorough vetting of third-party websites and services before sharing any personal information.
  2. Content accuracy: Even though Buffalorun does its best to deliver pokies and slots information and reviews accurately and up to date to help players make better choices, still, the website is still not in a position to control external sites nor take responsibility for the content therein.
  3. Acknowledgment of liability: Any use of Buffalorun by the user expresses the acknowledgment that our company shall not be liable for any kind of damage or loss that may arise concerning any kind of information found on external sites. We shall not be responsible for any consequences that may be incurred directly or indirectly through the utilization of linked sites.

User Education: Responsible Gambling

Buffalorun is all about providing a free and real-money play of top online games, which are contributed by the best game providers. We particularly emphasize the safe games at Buffalorun, to also increase the enjoyment and relaxation in the games. However, we support responsible gambling and encourage people to know the safe gambling practices that limit losses. One must place bets only for what he/she can afford to lose. Visit our website for more detailed information on responsible gaming and our curated selection of games.

Updates and Revisions

Buffalorun reserves the right to amend or update any of the Terms and Conditions whenever the need arises. We would be more than happy if you could keep track of our updates as often as you can. If such changes are effected and you continue using our services, this shall be considered your acceptance of the novel terms. If you find the updated terms unacceptable, we advise discontinuing the use of our Services.

Privacy & Cookies Policy and Data Protection

While our service may ask for your email address or another mode of contact, we never take any personal information further than is necessary. Primary data collection will include usage data, which usually includes such information as your device type, your IP address, browser specifications, and a unique ID for your device. We also use cookies in monitoring service activity, and you have the liberty of saying no to these cookies; however, this might deny you access to some features of the service. Cookies may be termed as ‘persistent’ or ‘session’ based. For more information on our cookie usage and the purpose for which it is used, please read our Privacy & Cookies Policy.

Data protection activities:

  • Data usage. We utilize information to diagnose and analyze improvements in service and increase security against any kind of data breach. Usage data is held for a 30-90 day period, after which it is purged securely unless retention is required by legal or governmental regulations. Data security is enhanced by the encryption of the data, carrying out penetration testing, and making use of multifactor authentication to ensure full-proof protection.
  • Data collection. Information collected while using our service may be personal and may include your e-mail address, along with usage information: your IP address, device information, browser type, duration of your site visit, and pages frequented. You acknowledge that we shall use such data to diagnose problems and comply with the law.
  • Data retention policy. We retain usage data only for as long as it’s necessary to fulfill the purposes of such data, including its analytical and security functions that allow us to understand user interactions and identify areas of service improvement.